Hi, I'm Pop's or as I'm sometimes known Kev, I'm a blissfully retired amateur photographer and nature lover 😊 📸 💕

My photographic habit is not professional, it isn't something I take seriously or hold as precious, it's purely amateur, for fun, enjoyment and yes, ok, sometimes it's also a way of expressing myself, but let's not get too pretentious about it, it's mainly simply because I enjoy it 😁

I shoot a wide range of stuff in both content and style, in doing so I use all kinds of kit, digital camera's, film camera's, both 35mm and 120 roll film, instant camera's, both vintage Polaroids and more up to date stuff, toy camera's, DSLR's, SLR's, Compacts, smartphone camera's, in fact anything I'm in the mood for.

Sometimes I will use the image as it comes out of the camera but often I will tweak it with some form of post-processing, software or whatever 😁

I don't think what I use to create an image is important, it's more the enjoyment I gain from doing it and the final image that counts in my opinion.

Facebook, a place I sometimes hang out -- https://www.facebook.com/pops.wheelz.9

SmugMug, my photo repository -- https://kevwheeler.smugmug.com/