The LOMO LC-A is Conceived

So this is how it all started – General Igor Petrowitsch Kornitzky, right-hand man to the USSR Minister of Defense and Industry, slammed a little Japanese compact camera called the Cosina CX-1 onto the desk of his comrade, Michail Panfilowitsch Panfiloff. Panfiloff, who was the Director of the powerful LOMO Russian Arms and Optical factory, carefully examined the item, observing its sharp glass lens, extremely high light sensitivity and robust casing.

Realizing its potential, the two gentlemen gave orders to the LOMO PLC factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, to create an improved version of the Cosina CX-1 – and the first working sample of the LOMO LC-A was born!


The LC-A goes into Mass Production

In 1984, the LOMO LC-A began mass-production, with 1200 people working on the camera. Starting at 1100 units per month for the Russian market, the camera’s popularity soon spread to then Communist countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Cuba.


Discovery! The LC-A takes a trip to Vienna

While touring Prague, a group of young Viennese students stumbled upon the LOMO LC-A in a quirky, old-school camera shop, and started shooting from the hip. Upon returning to Vienna, they had their film rolls developed, resulting in strangely beautiful images. Soon the questions started coming from friends, family and strangers – they wanted their own LC-A cameras!


The Official Birth of the Lomographic Society International

Interest in the mysterious Soviet jewel was rapidly growing and the Lomography founders resorted to carrying out daring backpack raids to Russia in order to satisfy the demand for more and more of these fantastic LOMO LC-A cameras.

It was in 1992 that the decision was finally made to found the Lomographic Society International (LSI). During the summer, the legendary “10 Golden Rules of Lomography” were written and later published in the “Wiener Zeitung” newspaper along with the revolutionary “Lomography Manifesto” on November 5th. Shortly after this, the Vienna City Council provided the LSI with an empty house on Breitegasse in the city’s 7th district, which would soon act as a base for all Lomographic operations! It was here that the very first Lomography exhibition was held. At the exhibition, 700 LOMO LC-As were sold and one of Lomography’s most defining features was born – the LomoWall!


Lomography goes Online, an NYC vs Moscow Exhibition and the first Lomography Embassy

In 1994, Lomography invaded the world wide web by launching lomo.com. It was also in this year that a momentous Lomographic exhibition was simultaneously held in New York City and Moscow, with massive LomoWalls gracing each city, showcasing colorful Lomographs from the other. Soon, the first Lomography Embassy Store was established in Berlin.


Securing the Future of the LOMO LC-A

With the LOMO LC-A’s popularity continuing to rise, the biggest challenge so far for Lomography arose – the Russian manufacturers of the camera decided to stop its production. But the Lomographic founders bravely scooted to the LOMO Optics factory in Russia and successfully convinced the factory honchos and then-Vice Mayor Vladimir Putin to continue with the LC-A production!


The First Lomography World Congress is held in Madrid

Relaunching lomo.com as lomography.com, the new website introduced a product shop, community interaction, special projects, activities and services, plus the WorldArchive, which displayed a collection of amazing Lomographs from different places across the globe.

Also in 1997, the first Lomographic World Congress was held in Madrid and boasted a LomoWall of over 120 meters – it consisted of more than 35,000 analogue photos!


The Actionsampler launches at Photokina

In 1998, we launched the 4-lensed Actionsampler at Photokina – the largest photography convention in the world. The strange-looking plastic camera takes four sequential images in one 35mm photograph and was an instant worldwide hit!


The Supersampler is unveiled and new Website Community Functions are Launched

Designed, manufactured and patented by Lomography, the Supersampler was launched in 2000 and emerged as the “Queen of all Multilens Cameras.” The revolutionary camera takes four sequential images in one 35mm photograph.

Among the new community functions launched on lomography.com were LomoHomes — a space for the Lomography community to store all of their analogue photos and make their very own LomoWalls!


The First Lomography Store Opens

The very first Lomography shop in the world opened in Vienna in 2001. The store featured walls decked with Lomographs (LomoWalls), a wide range of innovative products from all over the world and the full line-up of Lomographic items. It also hosted analogue workshops and other activities that catered to the flourishing Lomography community.


The 10th Anniversary Lomography World Congress in Vienna

In 2002, Vienna hosted the 10th Anniversary Lomography World Congress which was a grand party and showcased beautiful Lomographic shots from across the globe.


Lomography Fashion makes its Entrance

In 2003, we introduced the Sidekick TPE bag – designed to hold cameras, films and even a small laptop. This launch kick-started our line of fashion items which now includes T-shirts, tote bags, camera bags and accessories.


The Lomography World Congress in China and the biggest LomoWall ever!

In 2004, we installed the biggest LomoWall to date during the Lomography World Congress in China. For one whole week, Beijing was bursting with shiny analogue photos and tons of exciting activities!


The Fisheye Camera is Launched

2005 was the year we introduced a breakthrough in photography with the world’s first compact Fisheye camera. Yielding nearly 180-degrees of circular Fisheye distortion in a 35mm photograph, the Fisheye One offered the easiest and most convenient way to take Fisheye photos!


The Legendary LC-A+ enters the Lomography World

In 2006, we introduced the LOMO LC-A+. The LC-A+ offers the same endearing qualities of the original LOMO LC-A – sharp contrast, deep saturation and the trademark vignetting – while also adding more exciting features such as a multiple-exposure switch and the option to use newly-developed LC-A+ accessories!


The Diana+ Launches, a White Stripes Collaboration and the London World Congress

In 2007, the Diana+ was born. Whilst it looks like a faithful reproduction of the 1960s medium-format classic Diana camera, the Diana+ is no mere replica, it also has enhanced features to offer brand new and exciting creative options.

The year also saw the opening of Lomography Gallery Stores in Hong Kong, Paris and Seoul, the World Congress in London and our collaboration with the White Stripes on limited edition Jack Holga and Meg Diana+ cameras.


The Lubitel+ Launches plus brand new Redscale and X-Pro Films

In 2008, we launched the Lubitel+ – this is our pimped-up version of the twin-lensed classic Lubitel camera. The Lubitel offers the capability to switch between 120 and 35mm film and aperture/shutter guides.

Two photographic techniques – cross processing and redscaling – were made easier with the introduction of the very first Lomography films – the Lomography X-Pro film and Lomography Redscale film.


The Diana Mini Lands and the LOMO LC-A celebrates its 25th Anniversary

2009 was the year we launched everyone’s favorite miniature Queen, the Diana Mini. With a design modeled on her older sister, the Diana F+, the Mini shoots 35mm film and allows you to pick between shooting 36 square shots or 72 half-frame shots on a single film.

There was also more Diana-based news to come. The international exhibition, the Diana World Tour, set sail this year, with the aim of sharing the very best vignetted square-shots and great parties with Lomographers across the globe. Finally, we saw the Diana+ go instant with the launch of the Diana Instant Back+.

We celebrated the iconic LOMO LC-A+ camera that started it all, with the release of the LC-A+ 25th Anniversary and a South Korean-designed “No Nukes” limited editions!

The Lomography website was re-launched again, with brand-new features and an improved online experience for our expanding global community! We also launched localized versions of the website for Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, China, the UK and Italy, as well as opening nine new gallery stores worldwide!


"10 Prophecies for the Analogue Future" at Photokina, plus the Sprocket Rocket and Spinner 360° Launch

2010 will be remembered as the year Lomography ensured that the future would remain analogue once and for all! We took the Cologne Photokina by storm yet again, spreading analogue love and announcing our 10 Prophecies for the Analogue Future!

The revolutionary Spinner 360° was launched and was quickly awarded the European Consumers Choice Award! We then unleashed the time-travelling Sprocket Rocket in October, the first analogue camera dedicated entirely to sprockets!

We also set about ensuring that the future was on film by producing more of our own! We released a whole range of 120 and 35mm format films including special redscale and X-Pro films.

In celebration of the LOMO LC-A that started the Lomographic movement, two limited editions were created: the LC-A+ White & the LC-A+ Gold. Also in this year, 10 groups of film-fanatics from around the world teamed up to join the great LC-A Race – a race from the four corners of the globe back to Lomography headquarters in Vienna, armed only with a GPS, a notebook and an LC-A+ camera!


The Lomography Times Square Exhibition and tons of New Releases

In 2011, the people of Hong Kong celebrated everything analogue with the incredible Lomography Times Square Exhibition. Over 100,000 people turned up to discover and explore an enormous LomoWorldMap made up of thousands of Lomographic pictures and a collection of four giant, interactive cameras including the Sprocket Rocket, Diana F+, Fisheye No.2 and a Lubitel 166+. It was at this exhibition that we announced the launch of the brand-new Hong Kong City Guide and a special edition White Sprocket Rocket to celebrate the event!

In May, we unleashed the world’s widest compact camera, the Lomo LC-Wide; the latest innovation in the LOMO legacy. Featuring a newly developed 17mm Minigon 1 Ultra-Wide-Angle lens, soon Lomographers were head-over-heels in love with our latest member of the LC-A family.

Following in June was the lovable La Sardina camera which featured a brand-new Lomographic flash, Fritz the Blitz. With a wide-angle lens and shooting easy-to-find 35mm film, the La Sardina attracted a whole bunch of newcomers to Lomographic fun.

In July, we spread the analogue love further with the launch of the limited edition LC-A+ Russia Day. We also made a big step in securing the future of film with the release of our brand-new Earl Grey and Lady Grey B&W films.

In November, we launched one of the most exciting innovations of the year – the world’s first Lomographic movie camera – the LomoKino – adding a whole new dimension to analogue photography.


Lomography 20 週年,110 菲林再現!

2012 是一年充滿 Lomography 的一年!我們推出了一系列的相機,還好好的慶祝 Lomography 成立 20 週年!

Lomography 宣佈了再推出 110 菲林!這個格式由 2009 年起已停產了~目前只有 Lomography 生產 Orca B&W 110 黑白菲林及 Tiger 110 彩色負片。同時我們也推出了 Lomography 首台 110 格式相機,"Fisheye Baby 110 及 Diana Baby 110 相機":http://microsites.lomography.com/110-cameras/ 。

十月的時候,我們推出了 Belair X 6-12 相機 ,是世上首台中片幅 6×12 自動曝光相機。

由 1992 開始,Lomography 已經成立了 20 週年,快到 microsite 看看 Lomography 最棒的回憶!


Petzval 鏡頭再生,還有 Konstrucktor DIY 相機及 LomoChrome 紫色負片的誕生!

在 2013 年的開首,一月內已經推出了兩件新產品。我們首個 Kickstarter 集資計劃 Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, 誕生!讓你可輕鬆數碼化你的菲林照片。

數星期後,我們再推出了 35 mmm 及 120 格式的 LomoChrome 紫色負片 ,令綠色變紫色,有點像傳奇 Kodak Aerochrom 菲林的色調,一推出𣊬間成為 Lomography 社群的熱話!

直到四月,我們慶祝了首個 Film Photography Day. !集合了來自世界各地的菲林攝影愛好者於 4 月 12 日一起參與派對、拍攝並慶祝。

夏天的時後我們再推出了 Konstruktor DIY 相機 ,是世誕首部 DIY 的 35 mm 單反相機。

七月的時候,我們再發起了 Lomography Petzval 鏡頭 計劃,有著經典的舊式 Petzval 鏡頭外貌,同時讓你在現代的 Canon EF 或 Nikon F 相機上使用。這次的 Kickstarter 計劃在少於 24 小時成功集資。

本年的新產品還有 實驗鏡頭組 ,可用於所有 Micro 4/3 數碼相機,可體驗光學重曝的鏡頭,還可配合附套裝附的彩色濾紙使用。


Lomography 即影即有及 Art Lens 家族日漸擴大!還有全新的菲林

2014 年的上半年,已經推出了三部即影即有相機!新推出的即影即有機背,讓 LC-A+及 Belair X 6-12 相機可使用即影即有相紙。五月時推出了 Lomo’Instant, ,是 Lomography 首部即影即有相機,同時是市面上最具創意的即影即有相機!這是我們第三個 Kickstarter 計劃,同時是令 Lomography 成為在設品設計類別中,首間集資了一百萬的公司。

同年,"New Russar+ Lens":http://microsites.lomography.com/russar-lens/ (L36/M 接口)加入了 Lomography Art Lens 家族。 New Russar+ 是 1958 傳期鏡頭 Russar MR-2 的再生版本,是所有超廣角鏡頭之源。有著 New Russar+,你可拍攝極銳利的超廣角作品,非常適合用來拍攝風景、人像發街拍。

8 月,我們舉辦了首個 Petzval Lens 的比賽,並在世界各地 Gallery Store 展覽最精彩的 Petzval 景片。同時我在 Film Photography Day,我們也舉辦了「尋找 Analogue 之星」比賽,以發掘 21 世紀最厲容的菲林攝影師。

本年我們也推出了很多菲林。七月份的時候 Cine200 Tungsten 電影菲林登場了;這是一卷真正的電影菲林,需要特別的處理用在 35 mm 相機上,數天已售罄。十月,我們再推出了 400 ISO Cine400 Tungsten 電影菲林。緊接就是 LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400 彩色負片 ,類似 LomoChrome Purple 紫調負片,不過是以藍為主調-讓淺色變藍,綠色變金黃。


全新的 Lomography 社群網站

我們在 2015 年重新設計了 Lomography 社群網站,令它在不同的屏幕尺寸也可展示最完美的效果。我們透過問卷與上千個 Lomographer 溝通,了解他們最想要的功能和網站可改善之處。全新我網站讓你可瀏覽超過 12,000,000 張照片、閱讀超過 50,000 篇文章,及與上百萬全球的 Lomographers 互動!


重現世止首支光學鏡頭、獨一無五的即影即有與 TEN AND ONE 年度 Lomography 攝影大獎

2016 年 4 月,我們帶來了靈感來自史上首支光學鏡頭的 Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens,它的柔和成像加上特別光圈片能為攝影作品帶來空靈美學。只有短短 4 小時,它在 Kickstarter 眾籌平台成功集資了!

太感謝各位對 Daguerreotype Achromat 鏡頭的支持,在 2016 年 8 月,我們再推出了有著各種 Lomography 標誌性創意功能,還有令拍攝更方便,在不同光源下的自動曝光功能的 Lomo’Instant Automat!全新的即影即有獲得很大迴響。

當下我們也帶著這兩款最新的產品去 Photokina 歐洲大型相機展參展。我們當時舉辦了即影即有比賽直播、展出攝影作品、與來賓聊天,讓大家試用最新的 Lomography 產品。

Lomography 一直熱愛為社群舉辦攝影比賽,因此我們推出了 TEN AND ONE 年度攝影大獎。Lomographers 需要拍攝更多照片,並為攝影作不同的實驗,再投稿 10 張最佳作品到十一個不同的類別。在 2016 年,我們收到多不勝數的投稿,並送出了價值超過 20,000 EUR 的禮品!


以多個展覽及創意相機來慶祝 Lomography 25 週年!

2017 年,Lomography 迎來了 25 週年-大家全年都在慶祝!我們舉辦了歷史中大型的 LomoWall 展覽,與全球上百萬創作者帶來跨越不同國家與人文的 LomoWall 展覽。我們也在各地的 Gallery Store 舉辦了派對,讓 Lomographer 來欣賞攝影作品、參與工作坊和來一點雞尾酒。

另外,我們也在 Kickstarter 眾籌平台推出了 Neptune Convertible 一組三鏡鏡頭組合,用家可用一個鏡頭底座,使用三支不同焦距的前鏡;還有 Lomo’Instant Square Glass,全球首部全手動的方型相紙即影即有相機。

創意從未止步!我們還推出了十週年版本的 Diana F+、銀色鍍鋁版本的 Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens,再以新配方的 LomoChrome Purple 紫調菲林為世界填滿紫色。

除此之外,備有超廣角玻璃鏡頭 Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Magellan 版本讓即影即有照片,Automat 更有綠色的 Cabo Verde 版本。Lomo’Instant 則出了 Murano、Panama、Yangon 及 Oxford 等特別版本。

而且你現在更可使用 Lomo’Instant App 記下即影即有回憶!我們的社群已達六千九萬,快來登記 LomoHome,加入我們吧!你更可參與 TEN AND ONE 年度攝影大獎,上年我們收到了超過 164,000 份投稿!


標誌性的即影即有與 Lomography 社群

2018 是成為 Lomographer 最適合的年份!

6 月份我們在 Kickstarter 眾籌平台上推出了 Diana Instant Square 計劃,帶來最經典的 lo-fi Diana 美學到方型即影即帶相紙上。被 DigitalRev 稱為史上最多變化的即影即有相機,在短短一天已達標,鼓勵 Lomographer 擁抱不完美的美學。

年尾的時候,我們推出了 Berlin Kino 菲林。靈感來自傳奇的德國新浪潮,黑白調加上恰到好處的顆粒與柔和感,創作如黑白電影的作品。

當然不只是以上的產品!還有 Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Elbrus 皮革特別版、慶祝 Lomography 成立 25 週年的 Lomo LC-A 家族的 25 週年版本、35 mm 版本曾被瘋搶的 F² 彩色負片 120 版本、金白配色的 Fisheye No.1 Caspian 夏日特別版、 由香港藝術家 Kristopher Ho 設計的 Lomo’Instant Explorer 特別版、可愛游泳紅衣人兒圖案 Lomo’Instant Automat Riviera 與 Sprocket Rocket Teal 粉綠色版本。

最後我們更創立了 #HeyLomography hashtag,讓我們在社交平台上可以發掘更多 Lomographer,大家記得標註我們,可獲轉發喔!



這年我們與菲林的關係又更進一步!我們愛上了優雅的黑白攝影,一月時推出了 Potsdam Kino 電影菲林,繼而在十月推出了 2019 年配方的 Berlin Kino 電影菲林。除了經典的黑白照,我們也熱愛實驗性攝影,在七月重新推出了 LomoChrome Purple 紫調負片與全新的 LomoChrome Metropolis 冷調負片-五年內的首卷新負片並於 Kickstarter 成功集資生產。

當然不會遺忘我們鍾愛的相機們!首先是 La Sardina 家族新增了兩名成員,由插畫家Ale Giorgini 設計的 La Sardina Fitzroy 特別版本,還有用上與馬德里 Thyssen 博物館合作,藝術家 Robert Delaunay 的作品所設計的 La Sardina Delaunay 特別版本。另外也有清新薄荷綠 Diana Mini Picnic,還有旅拍必備的 Lomogon 鏡頭,有著高對比及飽和,更可拍完美圓形的散景。

年中更發佈了 Lomography Art Lens 鏡頭系列的首支無反相機專用 Petzval 鏡頭,Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 Bokeh Control Art Lens!備有 Sony E、Canon R 及 Nikon Z 接口與 7 級螺旋散景選擇,獲得很多朋友支持。我們亦在五月,於維也納接待了 11 名 TEN AND ONE 比賽的得獎者,最後更以 LomoWall 展覽作結。


27 年的創意成就了本年最後一年產品 LomoMod No.1 中片幅紙板菲林相機。用家可從零開始砌一部相機,並可以不同的液體注入鏡頭拍攝實驗。