Please, NO DIGITAL photography ON LOMOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!

Just an average vintage film and cameras lover who started as a child with an Instamatic-25 developed by Kodak in the 70's.

My cams: Meikai EL, Smena 8M (2), Zorki S, Fed 2 (4), Pouva-Start, Braun Paxina, Argus A, Argus C3, Kodak Brownie Nº2, Agat 18K, Werlisa Color (2), Werlisa Mat (2), Werlisa 2000 Color, Werlisa Club Color, Obergassner's Oga (a Franka's version, I guess), Agfa Silette LK, Halina 35X, Halina 3000, Beier Beirette VSN, Kodak Instamatic-25, Polaroid One 600, Pentacon Six, Pentax Spotmatic SP F, Pentax KM, Pentax K1000, Pentax P30, Pentax ZX-7, Pentax SFXn, Pentax Auto 110, Canon AE-1 Program, Canon EOS 300x, Praktica LTL 3, Praktica MTL 5, Revueflex 5005, Revue Solar 100, Zenit E, Zenit 11, Zenit 12, Zenit 12XP, Zenit 122, Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, Fujica ST-801...

My trusted lab was FOTOTECNIA, in the Square of Lugo, A Coruña. It's a pity they were las times only able to work C-41 process and just on 35 mm. film rolls. But they lovde Photography, they enjoyed, they understood... They had the PASSION! But unfortunately they closed October 2013.
Since FOTOTECNIA closed permanently I'm turning back to Foto Artús and remain in trying to find better labs... But all my negatives are now scanned by MAGENTA in St. Andrés Street, A Coruña. They got the touch and they passionately love real Photography as well as me.

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