River Oder

We got a few rolls of film from our friend @charliedontsurf, exsposed as"Ilford HP5 Motion Pictures (exp. 1995)".
I followed his instructions and exposed the film to ISO 200, developed in Rodinal 1 + 100 for 2 hours.
The results could be scanned very well. It is very grainy, but I love it.
I took the pictures on various excursions in the state of Brandenburg.

Minolta X-700
Pulverantilist's Choice No. 1
# 153 - December 2019, First try a film by AgiTate

11 個留言

  1. klawe
    klawe ·

    Lomo fantastic Agitate!!! Topp!

  2. guja
    guja ·

    Vielen Dank @klawe ! Eins meiner Lieblingsbilder :-)

  3. eloy61
    eloy61 ·

    Beautiful composition and light...!!!

  4. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    Super !!!

  5. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    Really nice results. If you want less grain just expose at 100 and stand develop for 60 minutes.

  6. guja
    guja ·

    Thank you very much @eloy61 !!!

  7. guja
    guja ·

    Vielen lieben Dank @steamtug1959 !!!

  8. guja
    guja ·

    Thank you very much @charliedontsurf !
    I like these results and love this film. I would definitely like to try out other exposure and development combinations. Thanks for your tips.

  9. jolom
    jolom ·

    I love this one!!

  10. jolom
    jolom ·

    Wonderful album! That grain is amazing.

  11. guja
    guja ·

    Thank you so much @jolom !!!

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