Malta II.

Second roll from Malta. :) Chinon 35EE II with Lomochrome Purple. Shot in Marsaxlokk, Marsaskala, Blue Grotto and Dingli Cliffs.

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  1. klawe
    klawe ·

    Congrats to PotD :-)

  2. crosschannel
    crosschannel ·

    Hezky , hezky :) I know exactly where you stood when this was taken, lovely place (best not on sundays :))

  3. smolda
    smolda ·

    @klawe Thank you so much!

  4. smolda
    smolda ·

    @crosschannel Hahaha, of course I had to visit the market. 😂 Very touristy place, but I loved it anyway.

  5. missotelo
    missotelo ·

    So beautiful!

  6. smolda
    smolda ·

    @missotelo Thank you very much! :)

  7. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    Photo of the day, congrats! Great shot.

  8. smolda
    smolda ·

    @frenchyfyl Thank you so much! 😊

  9. smolda
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