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  • meitads

    918 張照片 · joined 2011-10-08

    Film photographer based in Stockholm. Has a soft spot for golden hours, neon lights and melancholic scenes.

  • lapema38

    374 張照片 · joined 2017-05-08

    By visiting this site, after reading about the Diana camera, I have rediscovered analogue photo. After testing the Smena 1 and Lomo LC-A+, i have bought a bunch of other cameras as Diana F+, Agat 18 …

  • lighthouseblues

    848 張照片 · joined 2011-12-18

    Film is FOREVER!!

  • mediabrus

    8,869 張照片 · joined 2011-03-18

    The Future is Ⓐnalogue!

  • tomasfrid

    1,079 張照片 · joined 2010-07-08

  • fetish230

    1,419 張照片 · joined 2016-03-09

    54 years old (shit…), travels between Sweden and Japan, but through work gets to see other interesting places. Definitely not a photographer, just a guy taking pictures. Favourite tools at the momen …

  • antongreen

    1,362 張照片 · joined 2013-12-05

    Me <3 Photographic Emulsions

  • svaertaogryn

    1,243 張照片 · joined 2023-05-05

    I like industrial, abandoned, worn out. Nature. I enjoy playing with angles, geometry. Usually goes for the cheap gear.

  • soundbrigade

    1,504 張照片 · joined 2018-11-06

    Grumpy old fart from W Sweden with too much to do but too much of letargy and apathy to get my wheels turning. However loading one of my many cameras with a roll of expired Soviet film isn't too ha …

  • anelfandhiszippo

    2,227 張照片 · joined 2008-07-17

    I'm more active on IG, follow me there under "Anelfandhiszippo"

  • disasterarea

    514 張照片 · joined 2010-08-12

    I'm an English Videogame Designer living in Sweden learning about the importance of Fika, coffee, semlor, and how not to get lost in translation. I discovered Lomography when taking lo-fi pictures …

  • annelie

    1,469 張照片 · joined 2010-10-24

  • rehnholm

    2,718 張照片 · joined 2009-01-14

    Let there be light

  • kirchbergphotography

    3,444 張照片 · joined 2022-01-23

    Photographer from southern Sweden. I take pictures of anything that catches my interest. Existance needs to be documented. Here you will find photos shot with a bunch of different films, camera …

  • lighttomysoul

    789 張照片 · joined 2010-09-29

    Don't stop believing. Keep your eyes open. Wide open.

  • bkspicture

    1,070 張照片 · joined 2010-11-04

    Homepage: Blog: Facebook:

  • baxaviv

    1,523 張照片 · joined 2013-09-06

    Once. But nowdays you'll find my photos at IG, @baxaviv …

  • dexton

    920 張照片 · joined 2019-12-26

    Having fun with old cameras

  • anagwgos

    268 張照片 · joined 2016-07-11

  • miks

    714 張照片 · joined 2016-06-29

    🇯🇵 in 🇸🇪 My Lomography interview