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  • endowaty

    14,195 張照片 · joined 2008-10-14

    come on baby cross my life

  • ciasteczkatynki

    1,644 張照片 · joined 2015-04-15

    Tynka from Warsaw/Poland. Find me on instagram: <3 or see all of my pathetic photos on tumblr ;)

  • medium_quality_photos

    518 張照片 · joined 2023-03-22

    (im)perfect photoshoots My other links: Photo of the day 11-04-2023: © Medium Quality Photos

  • micky_s

    1,713 張照片 · joined 2012-06-01

    Hey, i am from the UK, but am living in Warsaw at the minute. But where I live changes quite a lot... I'm a wandering nomadic soul, frustrated by life's necessities, but also by my constant need to …

  • moongrowl

    7,232 張照片 · joined 2016-05-09

    Aliens, psychedelia and experiments.

  • 13thfloor

    739 張照片 · joined 2009-08-27

    hello there!

  • netdemon

    1,903 張照片 · joined 2016-12-28

    I am an enthusiast of lomography, analog photography and photochemistry from Poland. I do most job only with analog processing and photochemistry/darkroom tricks. I love darkroom so i found some kin …

  • stelmach

    526 張照片 · joined 2022-08-14

  • palepony

    1,169 張照片 · joined 2012-08-09

    facebook -, flickr -

  • raab_ar-baar

    2,212 張照片 · joined 2012-11-14

    Almost nine years after I've picked my first camera it's still too much fun to drop it. (I've tried a few times, didn't work) Not that I made my pics better during that time. But still: it's fun. …

  • tall_bastard

    908 張照片 · joined 2011-04-23
    tall_bastard I am a fan of two extremes. On the one hand black and white, on the other extravaganza of colour. I also like the subdued colours and reflections. Such photos can …

  • damianciu

    1,706 張照片 · joined 2020-02-18


  • mateuszw

    726 張照片 · joined 2022-06-14

    in 2022, after many years of break, i returned to my hobby - photography. just hobby - enjoy! since then, i have been taking photos mainly in analogue. #filmsnotdead until recently, i had a lar …

  • mloscik

    3,672 張照片 · joined 2014-01-06

    Young neuroscientist born and bred in Oświęcim (Auschwitz). Always wanted to paint but my manual skills are pretty bad. Thanks to lomography I found a way to capture the world in a way I perceiv …

  • martaglinska

    1,043 張照片 · joined 2021-03-08

    My analog cameras: Zenit ET / Kiev 60 / Lomo Smena 8M / Holga 120 GCFN / Holga 135 / Nikon F75 / Pentax ME Super My main area of interest in photography is making women portraits. I have been us …

  • obskurny

    519 張照片 · joined 2020-04-22

    Photographer, cyclist, runner Poland Ricoh FF-9 Lomo LC-A Nikon F-801

  • _wool_x

    1,372 張照片 · joined 2015-11-07

    addicted to analog

  • tomczykd

    4,382 張照片 · joined 2016-05-29

    Photography is my great passion from few years. I try to show what is ordinary, in an extraordinary way. I live in Cracow (Kraków), Poland and re-discover analog photography. “There are no rules …

  • yalby

    215 張照片 · joined 2015-09-15

  • qualtagh

    1,622 張照片 · joined 2012-11-05

    I am your Qualtagh. for new beginnings!