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  • holgardo

    3,463 張照片 · joined 2008-07-20

    Aún escribo a mano, con pluma fuente siempre que es posible. Las plumas atómicas son para bárbaros; escribir sólo en formatos digitales también. I still do handwriting, with fountain pen everytime …

  • silvergirl

    212 張照片 · joined 2018-06-21

    Walk with my shoes, watch with my senses ... the world in my eyes

  • xoch_photosfera

    511 張照片 · joined 2010-06-21

    I'm Xochitl García, visual alchemist. Mexico. 1990 | Self taught artist and photographer. / / instagram > / web > …

  • branenberg

    717 張照片 · joined 2021-01-25

    ¡¡¡Hello!!! My name is Branenberg (Brandon Enrique Bernardino García-Ramírez) Yes, three names and two last name. I'm an analog photographer based in México I hope you like my content. Inst …

  • moda_daniela

    585 張照片 · joined 2012-02-01

    Fotógrafa en continuo aprendizaje. …

  • fmadera

    2,062 張照片 · joined 2010-08-29

    Instagram : @fernando_madera "It seems plausible that folly and fools, like religion and magic, meet some deeply rooted needs in human society"-Peter Berger -Say no to Coulrophobia-

  • lalomixu

    975 張照片 · joined 2018-07-09

  • wawasonico

    1,574 張照片 · joined 2009-06-13

    Hola ! En el mar la vida es mas sabrosa

  • serolfitnas

    1,397 張照片 · joined 2017-04-11

    Film photography enthusiast from México. I´m not an artist or a pro, i just love to take pictures and share them with everyone. My analog GIFs (Tumblr): My anal …

  • laureanopm

    874 張照片 · joined 2012-03-30

    Siempre me ha gustado tomar fotos, pero no me dejaban usar la Kodak Ektralite :( Entonces, muchos años después, compré una reflex en $350 pesos :)

  • h_hache

    3,871 張照片 · joined 2009-01-03

    EDUARDO HACHE / PHOTOPLASTIKA: Graphic Designer, Photographer and Visual Artist based in Mexico City.

  • davgarci

    2,155 張照片 · joined 2019-06-07

    David García Montero

  • izmiguel

    2,344 張照片 · joined 2017-02-04

    I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. And occasionally, I'll hit somebody with my car …

  • paulestevez

    659 張照片 · joined 2021-04-20

  • cesaralthieri

    7,418 張照片 · joined 2011-09-01

    quién dijo que todo está perdido? yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón...

  • zamorathec

    2,713 張照片 · joined 2011-07-01

    Photographer based in México. Coffe adict :)

  • cosettex

    2,305 張照片 · joined 2011-05-26

    Estudio Letras, según.

  • richarjuna

    640 張照片 · joined 2023-01-26

  • oscarrastaman

    654 張照片 · joined 2011-04-26

    I was recently introduced to the Lomo world by a friend and after looking at my first photos I became addicted to this new experience and I have to say I love it! Can't wait to get an new film and s …

  • cuaco

    2,202 張照片 · joined 2020-05-15

    I`m a dreamer who has the need to fly into a UFO contemplating the most beautiful things of this world. instagram: