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  • mjanekerr

    5,148 張照片 · joined 2016-04-17
    mjanekerr https://www.lo …

  • weleasewoger72

    4,627 張照片 · joined 2011-05-06

    I have a record/tape label

  • buckshot

    2,836 張照片 · joined 2011-04-24

    I'm a bit schizoid about photography: half of me loves the traditional analogue photography techniques and formal rules of composition I learned as a teenager in the 80s, and the other half loves th …

  • cbbird1972

    6,012 張照片 · joined 2016-12-20

    Canon AT1 | Kiev 6C | Fujica GER | Lubitel 166B LomoHome of The Day | 26th June 2022 LomoMission winner: Postcard Perfect | January 2021 LomoHome of The Day | …

  • richardhall

    9,138 張照片 · joined 2016-08-21

    My return to analogue photography happened in Prague in the summer of 2016. I came across the Lomography store there and bought a Fisheye No 2 on whim. A month or two later I picked up an original L …

  • kneehigh85

    10,913 張照片 · joined 2010-01-05

    "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" - Dylan Thomas

  • rockyrutherford

    4,326 張照片 · joined 2018-07-30

    Living in Scotland. Enthusiastic film user. This is a safe space.

  • guin

    6,604 張照片 · joined 2009-05-14

    Freelance artist, photographer and dedicated Lomographer I work with a wide range of cameras and love to experiment in both digital and all film formats. I have really taken to the Neptune Conver …

  • grenville

    2,801 張照片 · joined 2019-10-02

  • mlchaelbexley

    2,494 張照片 · joined 2014-09-10

    Still learning to spell my own name, Michael not Mlchael. ....whoops!

  • crosschannel

    8,362 張照片 · joined 2016-11-11

    Amateur photographer, encouraged by: ' I have known many cases where scientists have known so much about a subject (or thought they did) that they imagined all kinds of obstacles which do not exis …

  • scout2017

    2,212 張照片 · joined 2019-06-02

    Hi I'm Bill - Scout is the dog's name. Photo of the Day: 06/04/21: 14/12/20: 01/04/20: https://www.lomogr …

  • megalithicmatt

    8,648 張照片 · joined 2010-11-28

    Please send a message if you're interested in doing a film swap. Films waiting to be finished, developed or uploaded: Aberdeen Lanes - Soaked Redscale - Dacora Digna (film stuck in closed down …

  • stevejack0

    2,376 張照片 · joined 2019-04-13

    A film photographer and walker from Hertfordshire.

  • jonography

    2,584 張照片 · joined 2017-08-04

    Lomo Home of the Day 10.08.2023 “Lomographer jonography shares a stunning pinhole shot taken on Lomography Earl Grey. From everyone here …

  • dannyedwards

    3,482 張照片 · joined 2009-12-31

    I'm on Flickr I'm on instagram

  • charliedontsurf

    3,761 張照片 · joined 2017-05-16

  • neja

    28,168 張照片 · joined 2008-05-07

    Hi, my name is Julia, I am a photographer, art historian and founder of, a bespoke provider of the art-related experiences in London. Follow me on IG: @juliaonfilm, @nejasartw …

  • porkchopsandy

    4,740 張照片 · joined 2009-06-12

    Hi, my name is Sandy. Welcome to my ☀Lomo Home☀

  • heyfrida

    2,361 張照片 · joined 2013-05-29

    I'm a small, domesticated herbivore, who goes by the name of Frida. 100% analogue!