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  • damieninbred

    1,733 張照片 · joined 2022-07-24

    Damien Alvarez. Unceded Lekwungen Territories ("Victoria, BC") Many cameras... I might have a problem. Home of the Day: 08-08-2023 - …

  • 35mm_film

    611 張照片 · joined 2020-04-30

    Vintage camera addict, barista wannabe, 42.2 finisher 🐉 LHTD January 9th, 2021 /

  • pvanhiel

    1,871 張照片 · joined 2013-08-17

    Former newspaper reporter-photographer and relic of the Gernsback continuum. I own many, many cameras in various states of repair. I shoot most often with an Agat 18K half-frame, Minolta SRT-101 fit …

  • form

    4,156 張照片 · joined 2012-06-28

    An avid lomographer, I have a deep-seated love for film photography and the unique character it imparts to every photo. In a world dominated by digital, I find the organic charm of film irreplaceabl …

  • akula

    1,393 張照片 · joined 2013-06-09

    The conceptual pictorialism thing.

  • briany

    400 張照片 · joined 2019-02-18

    Greetings! I guess it is about time I updated this blurb especially because I have evolved a bit in my photographic journey since I first became a Lomographer. After initially being interested i …

  • gelagoo

    13,698 張照片 · joined 2008-10-26

    Snapshot aesthetic and almost everyday photos. ※ What if No One's Watching? - ※ Host of カメラ人 (CameraJin) - ※ Instagram - ht …

  • digitalalien

    1,742 張照片 · joined 2017-06-29

    Known as Alien Ash. I comfortably shoot in digital, but am attempting to learn the ways of analogue. I plan on showing you the world through my eyes. Aka: An awkward weirdo who just floats through l …

  • erinwoodgatesphotography

    3,212 張照片 · joined 2010-10-10

    I'm An Aussie spinning around the world taking photos. Check out my facebook at I love all things mundane, portraits, landscapes and my art school ki …

  • lomaugustry

    3,545 張照片 · joined 2014-10-31

    I’m back it’s been awhile but I’m still here. lomography keeps my boyhood love of film alive! As a boy I had a carefree love of disposable cameras. I returned to film a few years ago in 2014 I inh …

  • weedos

    12,794 張照片 · joined 2009-06-16

    Please check out my interview I've bowed to pressure and started using my flickr account …

  • toonboy7

    2,134 張照片 · joined 2012-01-24

    25 years in the animation & graphic design industry ... now a college prof, fairly proficient musician, going back to my roots; real film, real cameras!

  • terria58

    1,368 張照片 · joined 2016-04-09

    Follow my IG: @kaholaikaho ( Interview:

  • deepfried_goodness

    6,904 張照片 · joined 2009-06-02

    .......................................................................... I'M BACK! .......................................................................... Cameras: Yashica-A …

  • llcooldawe

    421 張照片 · joined 2013-06-10

    Visual and literal poet.

  • denizberkin

    535 張照片 · joined 2012-01-02

    I am from Ottawa , Canada and I love shooting film ! I shoot short films and music video's as well, feel free to check it out - Thanks !

  • ces1um

    2,231 張照片 · joined 2014-11-02

    My Cameras: Pentax k1000, Pentax Auto 110, Polaroid onestep 2 , Lomo Lubitel 166+, Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, Zeiss Ikon Nettar, Ondu 35mm mk III. …

  • troch

    24,152 張照片 · joined 2009-09-01

    I like to know a little bit about your images, in particular, the film and camera used. I will take the time to like your photos if you take the time to fill in the meta data. This home contains …

  • alangaunt

    3,512 張照片 · joined 2013-02-10

    My adventures in film... Lomo homes of the day: …

  • imalaura

    999 張照片 · joined 2012-12-13

    FILM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out my Instagram @imalaurablondeau