in 2022, after many years of break, i returned to my hobby - photography. just hobby - enjoy!
since then, i have been taking photos mainly in analogue.

until recently, i had a large collection of analog cameras. currently, i have significantly reduced their number and now i mainly use ... nikon #f4. i would like to have leica #m3 🙂,
but we have to remember...
“the best camera is the one that's with you”

favourite films:
slides: fuji #provia 100f, fuji #velvia (50)
color: fuji #superia x-tra 400
b&w: fuji #neopan across 100 ii, kodak #trix 400
i don't develop films myself, but i scan them myself using an old minolta scanner.

what keeps me hooked on analogue the most?
the pleasure of watching slides using a projector.
unfortunately, the very high prices of films significantly limit my analog hobby 😢
for this reason, I mainly take photos with digital SLRs

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