welcome to my profile :)

* my camera collection is constantly changing, only a few models stay with me for years

* current cameras that are in use:
welta weltaflex, welta belmira, flexaret automat, zeiss super ikonta, miranda sensorex , canon ef (with 28mm, 50mm & 70mm-200mm), ihagee exa 0 (with 30mm lydith, 50mm trioplan , 100mm trioplan), fed 2 (with jupiter 12), polaroid 635, vilia, beier beirette

* i also have some m42 lenses: CZJ flektogon 2.8 20mm, pentacon 2.8 29mm, pentacon 3.5 30mm, CZJ flektogon 2.4 35mm, pancolar 50mm, CZJ biometar 2.8 80mm, CZJ sonnar 2.8 135mm, pentacon 2.8 135mm

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