Quadrachrome Luxembourg

Shot taken on a quick weekend visit to the country I grew up in, using my homemade 'Quadrachrome' filter (See tipster here: goo.gl/LyFvH )

5 個留言

  1. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Love the colors. great shot

  2. mauky
    mauky ·

    love colors!!

  3. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    I love how the filters change the colour of the umbrella

  4. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @kneehigh85: You're so right - the 'green' segments aren't actually green at all - they're blue!

  5. _e_v_o_
    _e_v_o_ ·

    ahhh the colours... ;)

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